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Importance of the Battle

The battle of Badr was the first decisive battle in Islam in the sense that truth, inspite of its numerical minority and limited resources, gained a clear Victory over falsehood with all its material strength. If Muslims had not succeeded in this battle, Islam would have been wiped out from the earth forever. That is why, the Holy Quran describes the day of the battle as the ‘Day of Testing in 8:41: and a sign of Allah in 3:13.

The Battle of Badr had effects both on the unbelievers in Makkah and the Muslims at Madinah. For the Muslims, victory at Badr over a greatily superior force inspired and encouraged them for future success. It proved to be a turning  point as their position became visibly stronger. Their faith was strengthened  and they gained confidence.

On the other hand, the strength of the Quraish was broken at Badr, where practically all their leaders were either killed or wounded which dealt a deathbow to their power and prestige. As William Muir in his book Life of Muhammad says: Not only was it a decisive victory gained over a force three times his Own in numbers, but the slain on the enemy side included many of his influential  opponents”.

After the battle, many unbelievers Accepted Islam. Those who had kept a secret now declared it openly. The influence of Islam and the Holy Prophet began to increase even outside Madinah.

Banu Qainuqa

Although the Jews had entered into an agreement with the Holy Prophet yet they were working against the interest of the Muslims. In the 2nd Hijri, the tribe of Banu Qainuqa broke their agreement. After the Battle of Badr, the Holy Prophet took action against them and according to his decision, they were exiled from Madinah.

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