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Al-Tirmidhi (2914) and Abu Dawood (1464) narrated from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr that the Prophet SAWW said: “It will be said to the companion of the Quran:

“Recite and rise in status”

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If you want to memorise the noble book of Allah SWT and want to raise your status in heavens, you need to ponder over some primers
that are mandatory for this blessed journey.
Here are some practical tips that are surely going to enlighten you before you start memorising the Quran.

1. Have an upright intention to hifz Quran online:

The very first and the foremost thing is to intent and decide are you really ready for this journey? Consider all the elements that you think can be a barrier in your way. Once you have made a decision, have an upright and pure intention to hifz Quran online and keep renewing your intention as, You get what you intend!

2. Cast around a professional native Arab instructor:

So here comes the next tip in, look around for a professional Quran memorisation teacher. Many people think that they can memorise and revise on their own but that is not correct.

You always need a teacher who can guide you through his/her experience. Also that, since the time has started, Allah has sent
messengers as a teacher to guide humanity. An indigenous instructor should be your first choice because they have a strong command and clarity over the Arabic language that is favourable for you.

3. Get a personal tailored plan from your online Quran hifz tutor:

Luckily, after hiring that qualified online hifz tutor, ask for a personalised lesson plan for yourself. For newbies out there, let’s get clear about what is a customised, tailored or personalised plan? It is actually a study map that is skillfully chalked out according to your wish.
The best Quran memorisation programs are the ones that are not imposed upon you. Instead you have a choice to design and arrange
your syllabus according to your will.
It is helpful because initially you can plan out for short surahs’ memorisation and later move on to the bigger ones.

4. Allocate a vacant room for Quran memorisation course:

This tip has proved to be advantageous for many students so why not give it a shot! Attend your online Quran memorisation classes in a quiet and serene room because you need a focus like a fully charged battery works.

When there is no distraction and chats around, you can invest in the best of your time. The result is going to be fruitful for you. The more clearly and attentively you listen to the recitation, the better will be your tajweed and memorisation.

5. Reserve the best time for hifz Quran at home:

Allot the time for your hifz Quran early in the morning after your fajr prayer as it is the blessed time. Not to forget that at the dawn time, most of the people are free so they sleep until their office, school, or other duty times.

Sleep early at night so that you can get up fresh for fajr and then start your class right away. This will also help you revise your lesson throughout the day, whenever you get a chance or time.

6. Begin from the end of the Quran:

Instead of starting Quran memorisation online course from Surah Baqarah, try to begin it from the end (juz amma-the 30th juz)
because it has small and easy surahs that you can revise in your salah daily. Once your learning speed and capacity is increased and your tajweed gets accurate, you can get another tailored plan for other juz or even surahs.

7. Memorise Quran online with different techniques:

There isn’t any hard and fast rule for online hifz Quran. A strategy that works for others might not be favourable for you or the technique that works for you might not be fruitful for others. So, it is suggestable to try and apply different techniques and see for yourself what works best.

Few of the techniques are mentioned here for your help.

● Revise and practice your Quran lesson whenever you are free.
● Recite loudly to get the words clearly pronounced.
● Get a follow up session everyday to avoid mistakes.
● Recite your hifz lesson in your salah.
● Repeat the lesson (every ayah) 10 times to get it perfect.
● Readout to your buddy. It helps you recognise your mistakes before you recite it to the teacher.
● Listen up to your favourite Qari and try to imitate him to beautify your own recitation.
● Get to know the meaning of the verses you are memorising. It will help remember what comes next.

8. Keep a stable internet connection for online Quran hifz classes:

An interrupted and unstable connection will create a disaster for you. Maybe your tutor’s voice gets inaudible or your voice gets shaky. To
avoid these trivial problems, get a sound internet connection for your hifz class so that both the teacher and you may be audible to
each other.

9. Always ask for divine help:

This is something you should be doing every time you start a task to keep it moving on smoothly. Allah’s help is always there for those
who strive in His way. So, memorising the Quran requires Allah’s help and you will see miracles happening with you. Your interest will enhance, your hifz speed will gear up, and blessings in your time will be evident.


Before you start memorising the Quran, keep one thing in your mind that anyone can hifz the book of Allah. It is just the first step that you need to take towards this journey. These above mentioned tips will help you memorise Quran online easily.

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