Surah Qaf (The Letter Qaf)

This Surah was often recited by the Holy Prophet PBUH. His verses were also recited in the Friday sermon and it is also said. The Holy Prophet PBUH always used to recite it occasionally even in the first rak’ah of Fajr. So this is the Surah which the Holy Prophet has recited most of the time.

Its daily recitation will provide you with guidance and it is a blessing. To recite it one time at the time of seeds sowing. Reciting this Surah in the garden will bring blessings in the fruit. A special advantage of its recitation is that Grains and fruits will safe from disaster. Its recitation will create fear of Allah SWT. It is very beneficial to recite it.

Whoever recites this Surah 3 times blow on Surma and put them in his eyes then his eyes will not vanish forever.

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If a person has been a new employee somewhere or has changed from anywhere and other people are angry with his arrival but rather they think and make tricks to get rid of it, in these situations recite this Surah 11 times for 11 days everybody will become your friends and everyone will be pleased with you.

If someone is attacked by an enemy. In this case, Make this photocopy and keep it in your pocket for 40 days. He will be safe from enemies and every kind of outer evil.

If anyone has a fever and the medicine has no effect, then with treatment recite this Surah three times a day blow on water, and drink it. Inshallah medicine will cause healing effects.