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 Surah Muhammed (Mohammed)

This Surah Muhammed is very blessed. Because it is attributed to the name of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Whoever makes a habit to recite this Surah one time in the night. He will fall in love with the Holy Prophet PBUH. Because the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH is the real religion. Whoever receives the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Let him think that he will have the happiness of the world.

Whoever recites this Surah regularly for three years in Tahajjud prayer without the skip. So he will get immense respect in the world and wherever he goes the people will look at him with awe. Therefore at home, he will get a higher status than any other. If a person is faced with a task that does not seem to be happening. He should gather a few men and women every Friday. Recite this Surah 111 times then distribute it among the readers. According to their ability and do this for 7 Fridays Inshallah, difficult work becomes easier.

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This Surah is also very effective to conquer on enemies. If a person is attacked by an enemy. He should recite this Surah 11 times after the Asar prayer for forty days. Inshallah, His enemy will be subdued and he will stop his evil deeds forever.

If a person dreams badly. He should recite this Surah once before sleeping. Inshallah, He will not see the bad dreams but he will watch the good dreams. Continue this process for eleven days.

If a woman has given birth to a child. But she does not have milk. So make a photocopy of this Surah make an amulet and wear it on your neck. Inshallah, Milk will start and your kid will drink it. Reciting this Surah is most beneficial for religion and for the world.

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