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Fixing of Black Stone (Hajr al-Aswad)

The Ka’abah is situated at the lowest part in the valley of Faran and was always flooded by rain water. The people of Makkah tried various methods to stop this flooding. But all their efforts failed and the building was damaged by Floods.

They therefore, decided to rebuild it. The task of rebuilding the Ka’abah was divided among the leading families of Makkah and the work was completed in harmony, without any dispute. But when the time came to place the Black Stone or Hajr al-Aswad in its proper place, a dispute arose among the chiefs of Makkah.

Everyone wanted the honour of placing the Holy Stone in its proper place. There was fear of bloodshed. But then a proposal came from a wise, old man who said that the first person to enter the Ka’abah the following morning, should decide the issue. His suggestion was accepted by all.

Next morning, the first person to enter the Ka’ abah was Hazrat Muhammad, who at that time was thirty-five yĆ©ars old. The people of Makkah agreed to accept his decision.

He asked the leaders of the different families of Quraish to hold the four corners of a sheet of cloth which he spread on the ground. Then he placed the Black Stone in the middle of the sheet and asked them to lift it up. together.

When the sheet reached the proper height, he lifted the Black Stone and laid it in its place with his own hands. Thus, an explosive situation was resolved peacefully by the wisdom and foresight of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

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