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Conditions of Arabia at the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet PBUH

At the time of the Holy Prophet’ s PBUH” birth, the world had completely forgotten the message of the Creator and was lost in the wilderness of polytheism. Arabia was steeped in the worst form of idolatry. The Ka’abah was full of idols and every household had its Own idol. Stones and trees were also, worshipped.
There was no belief in life after death and no feeling of responsibility for one’s actions. There was no moral code., Drinking, gambling and other vices were common. Widows and orphans were quite helpless and slaves were treated most cruelly. Women were looked upon as property without having any right to inheritance.
They were treated as articles of trade. They could be bought or sold at will. A man could marry and keep as many women as he could afford. When a man died, his. son inherited his wives. Step-mothers could be made legal wives.
There was no settled government and no law in the land. The affairs of each tribe were governed by its own chief. There were rivalries among them and people would fight for generations on the slightest excuse. Side by side, Arabs had the qualities of heroism, love for liberty, hospitality and eloquence. This period is known as the Age of Ignorance in the Arab history.

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