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Cleanliness Method and Conditions

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A true Muslim must be pure and clean in mind, body and heart. Islam enjoins strict cleanliness and purity on its followers. We are told in the Quran:

“He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.”(2:222)

“Allah loveth those who make themselves pure.” (9:108)

The Holy Prophet PBUH is reported to have said:
“Purification is the key to prayer, ” (Ahmad)
Also “Purification is one half of faith.” (Muslim)

In the light of the Quranic verses and traditions, it becomes clear that a person should. be clean inwardly as well as outwardly at all times, especially at the time of saying prayers. Inward purification is to rid the mind of all corrupt ideas and evil thoughts. Outward purification is attained by taking a bath or performing ablution. If a man cleans himself five times a day, he would undoubtedly be., in a constant state of physical purity.
There are certain conditions regarding cleanliness of body, clothes, place of worship, etc. that have to be fulfilled before a person can say his prayers. The Holy Prophet PBUH said:
“Surely Allah does not accept prayers without purification.” (Muslim)
Apart from waste products discharged from the body which are regarded as filth, other impurities recognized by Islam are semen, flowing blood, pus, swine and everything associated with it and alcohol.
All these are included in the definition of Najasat Ghaleezah. If even the smallest quantity of Najasat Ghaleezah falls in any article of food or drink, the whole of it is polluted and becomes unclean and unfit for use by a Muslim. If some Najasat Ghaleezah falls on the clothes, they must be removed and washed thrice, squeezing the cloth each time.

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