Benefits Of Surah Fajar (The Dawn)

Al-Fajar (The Dawn)


Inside the tapestry of faith, Surah Al-Fajar emerges as a source of ease and peace, guiding believers via the twin checks of wealth. The revelation’s expertise teaches that gratitude in abundance and persistence in adversity cause success in the courtroom of Allah SWT. The importance of reciting this Surah for the duration of particular instances, consisting of the primary ten days of Zil hajj or the whole month, underscores its transformative electricity in searching for forgiveness and divine illumination.

Benefits Of Surah Fajar (The Dawn)

Benefits Of Surah Al-Fajar:

This Surah is very effective for ease and peace. This Sorah was revealed to encourage the Muslim community.

This was told that the Increase and decrease of wealth are two sides of Allah SWT test. It means that someone is rich. He thinks that Allah SWT has pleasure with him. If someone is poor. He thinks that This is the punishment of Allah SWT. This is not true. These two things are tests of Allah SWT. These two resources of people’s test let him give thanks for Allah SWT dealings and not lose patience in times of trouble. He is successful in the court of Allah SWT.

Whoever recites this Sorah in the first 10 days of Zil hajj. All sins will be forgiven. If someone recites this Surah during the whole month of Zil hajj. Allah SWT will reward him with the light on the day of judgment.

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Whoever makes a habit of reciting this Sorah after the fajr prayer. Allah SWT will reward him with spiritual happiness and he will never be upset by this world.

Whoever recites this Sorah 70 times blows on the patient. Inshallah, Allah SWT heals from disease. Whoever recites this Sorah 21 times in difficult times and prays from Allah SWT. Inshallah, Allah SWT will solve his difficulties.

Imam Jafar Sadiq said: Whoever recites this Surah. He will be rewarded with the company of Imam Hussain AS on the day of the Judgment.

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If anyone wants that, Allah SWT blessed him with a baby boy. He should recite Surah fajr 100 times before and after 12 times Durood Ibrahim for 40 days and pray from Allah SWT. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. He will be blessed with a baby boy.

Suppose there is a problem at someone’s house without any reason. So, Recite this Surah 7 times for 71 days. Inshallah, Allah SWT keeps them happy. All his difficulties will be solved. They will be safe from sudden troubles.


The exercise of reciting Surah Fajr after the fajr prayer turns into a gateway to religious happiness, defensive believers from the upheavals of the arena. The recuperation power embedded within the Surah is manifested via the recitation of precise counts, offering solace to the ill and fixing problems for the distressed. The promise of the organization of Imam Hussain AS for Surah Fajr reciters at the Day of Judgment adds a layer of importance to its recitation.

For the ones aspiring for the blessing of an infant boy, the prescribed recitation and prayer routine will become a hopeful journey in the direction of satisfying familial goals. moreover, Surah Fajr serves as a remedy for unexplained household troubles, promising happiness, and the resolution of difficulties.

within the essence of Surah Fajr, believers locate now not only a scriptural manual but a transformative force that touches various aspects of their lives. It stands as a testament to the multifaceted advantages and rewards that Allah SWT bestows upon individuals who are seeking solace, forgiveness, and divine companionship through its verses.


Q1: How does Soorah Fajr relate to the boom and decrease in wealth?
A: Surah Fajr conveys that the ebb and waft of wealth are checks from Allah SWT, urging believers to show gratitude in instances of abundance and patience in times of scarcity.

Q2: What advantages are associated with reciting Surah Fajr during the primary ten days of Zil hajj?
A: Reciting Soorah Fajr for the duration of the primary ten days of Zil hajj is thought to lead to the forgiveness of sins, and reciting it all through the month brings the praise of divine mild on the Day of Judgment.

Q3: How can Soorah Fajr contribute to spiritual happiness after fajr prayer?
A: Creating an addiction to reciting Surah Fajr after the fajr prayer is believed to bring happiness and defend the believer from worldly distress.

Q4: What recovery blessings are related to reciting Surah Fajr for an affected person?
A: Reciting Sorah Fajr 70 instances and blowing on an affected person is believed to invoke Allah SWT’s healing grace, presenting alleviation from disease.

Q5: How can Sorah Fajr be recited to clear up problems in tough times?
A: Reciting Sorah Fajr 21 instances at some stage in tough instances, coupled with earnest prayers to Allah SWT, is assumed to lead to the resolution of difficulties.

Q6: what is the prescribed regimen for searching for a child boy through Sorah Fajr?
A: Reciting Sorah Fajr one hundred instances earlier than and after fajr prayer, alongside 12 times Durood Ibrahim, for 40 days and praying to Allah SWT is believed to bless the reciter with a toddler boy.

Q7: How can Sorah Fajr carry happiness and solve family problems?
A: Reciting Sorah Fajr 7 times for 71 days is believed to bring happiness and solve household issues, imparting safety from sudden problems.


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