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Online Halal Business Without Investment

Are Online Businesses halal in Islam? Yes, It is halal in Islam. If you work honestly and hard working. But remember one thing also check the source of income. Every person wants to start a business without any investments. So, Here are some halal online business tips that are really halal in Islam.


Freelancing is an online platform to earn money without any investment. If you serve digital products to your clients. So, It is halal in Islam. Because freelancing is an online platform for students who want to start working part-time. But remember one thing do not sell any haram products that are not allowed in Islam. Otherwise, Your revenue will not be halal. So, only serve those products that is allowed in Islam.

Website Or Blog:

Another halal business is creating a website or a blog. It is halal in Islam. If you want to work without any investment. So, Create a free blogger site to start your business. You can write about anything you want. You can start this business by writing an article about Islam, Education, and anything that is halal. Gambling and uploading music is haram.


Youtube is a video platform. Where people always upload haram things that are not allowed in Islam. If you want to start your own business. So, Teach on youtube it is halal. If you create videos of yourself, movies, and songs that are haram. Always try to use halal things that are allowed in Islam. You can create your own channel of education and cooking and place ads this is halal.


These are the main online business platform. They are halal in Islam. So, If you want to start your own business in a halal way. you can start your own business without any investment.

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