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Anger is Haram in Islam. Anger is the most favourite thing of Shaitan (Devil). Anger is most dangerous thing it increase our Blood Pressure, It remove our good deeds, It is most dangerous for our health and also mental health too. Anger remove our intellect. So here are some Dua we keep doing when we feel anger.


Recite Tauz while you feel anger Inshallah, It will overcome your anger and Shaitan will run away.

Perform Ablution:

Ablution is most powerful cure for overcome Anger. When someone do anger so, they should perform ablution. Inshallah, His/Her anger will be go away and he/she will feel better.

Drink Water:

When someone drink water while anger. Inshallah, His anger will be gone. It is very best cure for overcome anger.

Change Position:

If you change your position while anger. Inshallah, The anger will be gone.


This Dua is very useful for overcome anger. Everyone should recite these Dua while anger to safe from anger if you recite any of Dua from these. It will remove your anger and you will feel better.