a) Cave of Hira

he event that took place in the cave of Hira was the beginning of revelation of the Holy Quran that not only changed the lives of people of Arabia but also the history of the world. It marked the beginning of Hazrat Muhammad’s Prophethood PBUH and the spread of Islam’s universal message.

The very first verses revealed to him tell us about Allah, the Creator and Master of everything. The revelation came to the Prophet through angel Jibrael, who brought the revelation to Hazrat Muhammad as also to all other previous prophets.

The verses also mention reading and writing which shows the importance of knowledge in Islam. Allah enlightens man in all kinds of knowledge. That is why, the first revelation ends with the words: “Taught man that which he knew not. Allah Himself is man’s teacher and the Quran is a Book that gives man information and directs him how to lead his life in this world and to prepare himself for the next.

This experience of the Holy Prophet PBUH reveals to us that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was like any other human being who was scared and frightened after the revelation.

b) Cave of Saur

The stay in the cave of Saur holds great significance in the history of Islam. If it had not been for Allah’s miracles i.e., the cobwebs, the pigeons, the tree and its branches, both the Holy Prophet and Hazrat Abu would have been caught and and brutally killed. The stay in the cave of Saur led to the safe emigration of the Holy Prophet to Madinah and so preserved the opportunity for the spread of Islam. This shows that Allan protects His chosen people from the evils of this world and proves that Allah has power and control over everything.

The Muslims also learnt about the spirit of true friendship as shown by Hazrat Abu Bakr. It proved a turning point for the Holy Prophet PBUH for after the refuge in the cave, he managed to reach Yasrib safely; where he was surrounded by his followers from Makkah, and also those who lived in Madinah.

He did not have to fight alone anymore but had his supporters around him. This led to the consolidation of the Muslim rule in Madinah.


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