Dua For Punctual In Prayers

Punctuality in the Prayers is the most difficult work. Most Muslims decided to start their prayers. They perform their prayers only for one day and then the next day. They don’t perform their prayer because of laziness. Performing prayers is obligatory for each Muslim. Allah SWT will ask the first question about Prayers. Allah SWT commands us to perform 5 times prayers daily. So, This Dua is for those people who don’t perform 5 times prayers punctuality. Here are some Dua for punctual prayers. You can recite any one of these:

Surah Juma:

Surah Juma this Surah is the most powerful Dua for punctuality in Prayers. This Surah is the short Surah in Quran. If anyone recites this Surah 1 time after Asr Prayer. Inshallah, He will start performing prayers punctually and he will never miss his prayer from 5 times prayers. Read More: Benefits Of Surah Juma


Ya-Allah is the most powerful name of Allah SWT. It has many benefits that are worldly and religious. If anyone recites Ya-Allah 100 times after each prayer or 1000 times after Esha Prayer. Inshallah, He will punctually in his 5 times Prayers. Read More: Benefits Of Reciting Ya-Allah

Surah Naba:

Surah Naba is another Surah for punctuality in 5 times prayers. If someone is not punctual in his prayers. So, He should perform Asr Prayer and recite Surah Naba 1 time. Inshallah, He will perform 5 times Prayers punctually. Read More: Benefits Of Surah Naba

Surah Nasr:

Surah Nasr is the most powerful Surah and short Surah in the Quran. It has many benefits but one of the most powerful benefits is that if someone recites Surah Nasr 100 times daily. Inshallah, He will perform 5 times Prayers punctually and will never miss any prayers. Read More: Benefits Of Surah Nasr

Important Note:

Start Performing 5 times Prayers

Start with Bismillah

Must recite Durood Ibrahim 3 times before and after

Recite anyone from these Dua

Perform Dua for 41 Days

Perform Ablution

Make Dua From Allah SWT to make you Punctual in Prayers


Do you want to perform your 5 times Prayers Punctually? So, Recite anyone of the Dua for 41 Days. Inshallah, He will be punctual in his prayers. But this Dua also works punctually. If anyone is not punctual of time. He doesn’t work on time. Inshallah, He will be punctual in his life and his prayers.