Delayed Prayer – Qaza

The believers are enjoined to offer their prayers at the appointed times. Failing to do so is a sin unless there is a reasonable excuse for delay. With the exception of prayers missed by women in childbirth or menstruation and any Muslim who is insane or is unconscious for some time, every Muslim must offer the delayed obligatory prayer. These prayers have to be offered as soon as possible except at times when prostration is forbidden. In the Niyat, the word Qaza should be added.

If several prayers have been missed in a day, then the Qaza should be offered in proper order. For example if prayers have been missed beginning from Fajr then Fajr Qaza should be offered first, then Zuhr and Asr and so on. If the missed prayers are too numerous to remember or if the time available is not enough for both missed and present prayers, then the present prayer should be offered first. The missed prayer should be offered later.

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Qaza can be offered for only the Farz and Witr prayers. Except for the pre- Farz Sunnats of Fajr for which Qaza may be offered before sunset the same day, no Qaza of other Sunnats is to be offered.

If Zuhr, Asr or Isha prayers become Quza while travelling, one should, when he returns home, offer the Qaza of these as if he was still a traveller that is, two Raka’at each. If however, the prayers become Qaza before a journey and one offers the Qaza during the jourmey, he should offer the full four Raka’at of the three prayers.

If a person is unable to otfer is missed prayers before death, he should make a will to pay compensation which is 14 kilo of wheat per prayer out of the property he leaves behind. The compensation for the missed Farz of the five daily prayer and the Witr of lsha comes to 10 1/2 kilos per day.


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