#Postures Of Prayer -Islam Peace Of Heart

Postures of Prayer The different postures of prayer are indicative of the humility of the body and the soul. Each Raka’at consists of three parts. The first of these is the standing position called Qiyam with which the prayer is started. The worshippers stand in rows with their arms folded in an attitude of humility. […]

#Method Of Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

Method of Prayer The approved, traditional method of prayer is as follows: Standing straight with the face towards the Ka’abah and hands hanging down the sides of the body, the worshipper makes the niyat for the Faraz/Sunnat/Nafl prayer that is to be offered. He then raises his hands to his ears and recites Takbir-e-Tahrima i.e., […]

#Benefits Of Nafil Namaz – Islam Peace Of Heart

Nafil Namaz Apart from the obligatory prayers, there are some supererogatory prayers.¬†Which is very good for the pious people. Because by establishing them, the love of Allah SWT will obtained. Allah SWT will blessed him with uncountable virtues. In the Hadith, The supererogatory prayers are as follows: Namaz Tahajjud: Tahajjud means “progress”. Because this prayer […]